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Re: eMac G4/1.25 GHz support for Debian Sid?

Il 26/07/19 17:02, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz ha scritto:
> On 7/26/19 4:39 PM, aggaz wrote:
>> 1. Would it be possible to have UMS drivers compatible with modern kernels?
> You can always boot the kernel with "nomodeset" and then try the generic
> VESA driver (if that still exists).

I was hoping to be able to run the old radeon 9200 driver in UMS, but I
don't know if that is possible. I was never really able to orient myself
in this area.

>> 2. If answer to "1" is true, would it be possible to make a debian
>> package for it?
> It might be a wiser idea to fix the particular bug in the radeon driver rather
> than using the UMS driver as a crude workaround.
> Was this bug ever reported to the kernel bugtracker?

I honestly don't know. It does not seem so. I am not familiar with
kernels and bug reports, I did a search on https://bugzilla.kernel.org
and I was not able to find anything relevant.

> Does the KMS driver work on the virtual console? Or does the issue affect
> both the virtual consoles and X?

If I remember correctly, the bug affects the virtual console too.
By using "nomodeset" it is possible to use the console, but X usually
gives issues.
As far as I know, at best, people is able to manage an X window system
without accelleration.

Sooner or later I would like to try to install a recent Debian Sid on
that machine. I will keep you posted.


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