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Re: ofpath vs ofpathname vs grub-ofpathname

Hi Adrian,

On 6/20/19 15:47, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:

In order to collect data for fixing the limitations we have with grub-ofpathname,
I have done some initial testing on our POWER8 buildd by comparing the output
of Yaboot's ofpath [1], ofpathname from powerpc-utils [2] and grub-ofpathname [3].

Interestingly, all three return different path names on the POWER machine:

root@redpanda:~# ./powerpc-utils/scripts/ofpathname /dev/sda1
root@redpanda:~# /srv/glaubitz/grub/grub-ofpathname /dev/sda1
root@redpanda:~# ./yaboot-test/usr/sbin/ofpath /dev/sda1

Could someone test this on a Mac, please? Yaboot and powerpc-utils just need to
be checked out from git and the scripts can be run directly, GRUB just needs
to be built with the usual ./bootstrap && ./configure && make.

Combining the information from [1] and [2] for my 11,2 type G5 the
following OF paths are returned:

root@powermac-g5:~# ofpathname /dev/sda2

# The used `grub-ofpathname` has Mathieu's patches included
root@powermac-g5:~# grub-ofpathname /dev/sda2

# The returned OF path from `ofpath` here is the singular working OF
# path
root@powermac-g5:~# ofpath /dev/sda2


[1]: https://lists.debian.org/debian-powerpc/2019/04/msg00171.html

[2]: https://lists.debian.org/debian-powerpc/2019/05/msg00036.html

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