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Re: Debian Installer GRUB test image available

On 5/5/19 2:47 PM, Mark Cave-Ayland wrote:
> Ah no, that's not correct - BootX is an enhanced bootloader written by Apple to
> enable multi-booting with MacOS X and grub-mkrescue is assuming that it is being
> installed on a HD containing MacOS X with BootX in the default location. Whilst this
> makes sense assuming that you are trying to fix booting a MacOS X partition in a
> multi-boot setup, this certainly isn't the case for an installer CD. And certainly
> this confuses things because in real life BootX is a COFF executable and not a
> bootinfo file.

grub-mkrescue is definitely designed to create a bootable CD and I assume that they
are doing this according to specification. As I said, I am mimicking what grub-mkrescue
does. The options can found by reading source code for grub-mkrescue:

> http://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/grub.git/tree/util/grub-mkrescue.c

If you think this is not correct, we should fix this problem upstream first.

> In my travels with qemu-system-ppc, most CDs I've seen use the CHRP convention of
> \ppc\bootinfo.txt and then bless the \ppc folder so then no matter whether you are
> using a Mac or other CHRP-compliant machine, everything boots the same way.

But even Yaboot didn't work that way. It has both a \\ppc\bootinfo.txt which is
specific to IBM CHRP machines as well as an \\install\ofboot.b which contains
a Mac-specific CHRP script. See for example the Debian 9.0 installation images
for powerpc [1].


> [1] https://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/ports/9.0/powerpc/iso-cd/debian-9.0-powerpc-NETINST-1.iso

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