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Re: Switching debian-installer CD images to GRUB

Hi Thomas!

On 4/28/19 9:49 PM, Thomas Schmitt wrote:
> John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
>> So, the first question is whether xorriso supports HFS volumes
> No. Only HFS+, contributed by Vladimir Serbinenko for x86 Macs and
> used in grub-mkrescue ISOs for x86 EFI.


> The xorrisofs options used by grub-mkrescue for HFS+ are:
>   -hfsplus
>   -apm-block-size 2048
>   -hfsplus-file-creator-type chrp tbxj \
>                              /System/Library/CoreServices/.disk_label
>   -hfs-bless-by i /System/Library/CoreServices/boot.efi
> Is ppc64 the same as GRUB_INSTALL_PLATFORM_POWERPC_IEEE1275 in
> grub-mkrescue ?

Yes, that's correct:

glaubitz@plummer:~$ uname -a
Linux plummer 4.9.0-9-powerpc64le #1 SMP Debian 4.9.168-1 (2019-04-12) ppc64le GNU/Linux
glaubitz@plummer:~$ ls -dl /usr/lib/grub/powerpc-ieee1275/
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 28672 Nov 10 14:45 /usr/lib/grub/powerpc-ieee1275/

> This target obviously gets the same HFS+ options as


> One could do it with HFS like Fedora ISO does with HFS+.
> A small HFS+ filesystem image is marked in APM as Apple_HFS. In the ISO
> it has the name /images/macboot.img.
> (Could be easily added to current amd64 or i386 debian-cd production.
>  With arm64-like layout i'd need to make experiments and maybe add
>  some APM production capability to xorriso.)

I have heard about that. My colleague Marcus Schaefer at SUSE told me
about this solution. He's the maintainer of SUSE's KIWI image tool (but
I think you know that ;)).

> The Fedora HFS image contains GRUB stuff. Mostly .cfg and .efi. Obviously
> program execution breaks out from it like others do from EFI partition.
> I think Fedora uses hfsutils to create and populate it.

We could give indeed this solution a try, with EFI replaced with IEEE1275.


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