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Re: Switching debian-installer CD images to GRUB

Hi Thomas!

On 4/29/19 9:41 AM, Thomas Schmitt wrote:
> John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
>> Btw, I was wondering how much it would take to add HFS support to
>> xorriso but I guess the necessary changes are so extensive which
>> is why it's not been done yet.
> I obtained (hopefully complete) HFS specs and had to learn that it is
> not easily implementable as downgraded version of HFS+.

That's a pity, indeed.

> libisofs got HFS+ with nearly no own effort from Validmir Serbinenko
> because he needed it for grub-mkrescue. But he had no motivation for HFS.

Ah, too bad. But I guess he was primarily interested in x86 Macs.

> (Does GRUB2 support old 32-bit powerpc at all ?)

Yes, it does. But as far as I know, 64-bit PowerMacs aren't any different
than 32-bit PowerMacs when it comes to the firmware as long as the 32-bit
Macs are using NewWorld ROMs.

> So it is about the ratio of my motivation and the expectable pain to
> squeeze another filesystem tree into libisofs and to find test cases.

What about a funding? I would actually be willing to shell out some money
for that if someone worked on implementing HFS support.

> Given the fact that genisoimage still offers -hfs and that Fedora showed
> a strategy how to please such firmware by a small, externally created
> filesystem image, i am not motivated enough yet.
That's understandable. However, genisoimage comes from cdrkit which Debian
wants to get rid of as it's unmaintained upstream. xorriso is the tool of
choice these days and if we could use it for all targets, that would be
very much desirable.


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