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Re: Switching debian-installer CD images to GRUB

Hi again,

On 4/28/19 21:56, Frank Scheiner wrote:
Other question: Does anybody know if NewWorld Power Macs could maybe
also boot from HFS+ instead of HFS or FAT(16)?

Probably answering my second question:

I just checked the OF on my 11,2 type Power Mac G5 and it - in addition
to `fat-files` (I assume this contains support for FAT file systems)
`mac-files` (I assume this contains support for HFS) - has
`hfs-plus-files` and `iso-9660-files` in `/packages`. So maybe we don't
need an HFS image on the ISO and could do with an HFS+ image or maybe
don't need an HFS(+) image at all.

E.g. I can list the contents of the installer ISO from 2019-04-20 burned
to a CDRW from the OF.


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