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Trying 2019-04-12 image

The 2019-04-12 image was testes against a PowerMac G5 11,2.

The image was dd'ed on a USB stick and booted by Open Firmware.

A normal install was performed by keeping everything not otherwise
mentioned as default.

Proprietary firmwares were not manually added.

Module to slow spinning fans was manually loaded.

Partitioning of the hard drive was guided and not manual.
All files were stored in one partition only (/).

The usual debian-ports mirror was manually entered.

Base system and SSH server only were installed (default software selection).

Installation of GRUB wa automatic and I was not asked anything.

System booted correctly and /etc/fstab contained UUIDs for /boot/grub
and other partitions.

Everything seems to work correctly.

Congratulations to everyone involved.


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