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Re: Updated installation images for Debian Ports 2019-04-12

On 4/12/19 11:48 AM, Dennis Clarke wrote:
>>* powerpc/ppc64
>>   - The bootloader installation still defaults to Yaboot and
>>     is being switched to GRUB for IBM POWER and PowerMacs,
>>     please report any issues you find.
> I see GRUB installed fine and no yaboot anywhere to be seen.
> That is a good thing. :-)

Right. yaboot-installer has a lower priority than grub-installer
which is why it never gets invoked. You could still do that,
however. It will just be skipped automatically once grub-installer
has set the flag "bootloader installed".

>  >  - On some machines, the fans might produce a lot of noise,
>  >    this can be addressed by manually the windfarm kernel
>  >    modules:
>  >    + modprobe windfarm_core
> Absolutely.

I will try to address this for one of the next images.

PS: Please keep PowerPC-related posts to the PowerPC list.


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