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Re: Trying 2019-04-06 image

Il 08/04/19 00:02, Frank Scheiner ha scritto:
> On 4/7/19 13:47, aggaz wrote:
>> Il 07/04/19 13:24, Frank Scheiner ha scritto:
>>> And could you please also provide the output of
>>> `devalias` from OpenFirmware for reference, as I'm unsure if the "ud"
>>> alias is always predefined?

In my PowerMac11,2 the device "ud" shows up in OpenFirmware only when
booting it with a USB device inserted. Without a USB stick in a port I
can not see any "ud" device with the "devalias" command.

Here follows a transcription of the corresponding line as shown by devalias:

ud	/ht@0,f2000000/pci@8/usb@b,1/disk@1


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