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Re: baffled .. the 2019-01-27 debian-10.0-ppc64-NETINST-1.iso not bootable

> On Apr 6, 2019, at 11:53 PM, Frank Scheiner <frank.scheiner@web.de> wrote:
>> I guess someone needs to build a fresh debian-installer on amd64, build a fresh
>> CD image with debian-cd and test whether this issue shows there as well.
> From David Vantyghem's email it looks like it doesn't happen for the
> powerpc version of the ISO.

But it’s very unlikely that busybox would behave differently on powerpc and ppc64.

Maybe partman-zfs is in the exclude-udeb list for powerpc and not ppc64 (check the debian-cd git).

Either way, I can exclude partman-zfs for the next build then it won’t bother us.

> ****
> After removing the "local" keyword I went through most of the
> installation but failed during the grub installation step:
> ```
> main-menu[4860]: (process:6375): /usr/bin/grub-installer: line 252:
> /usr/lib/grub-installer/mkhfs-bootstrap.sh: not found
> ```
> That's because I forgot to adapt "debian/grub-installer.install" to also
> install the new "mkhfs-bootstrap.sh" script. :-/
> Sorry, my bad. I didn't anticipate this. I'll force push a change to fix
> that asap. Though this won't help for the created powerpc/ppc64 ISOs.
> GRUB installations won't work with them unless someone inserts [1] into
> the installer environment as `/usr/lib/grub-installer/mkhfs-bootstrap.sh`.

It’s good we tested that. I’ll build another grub-installer udeb with that change tomorrow. I’m too tired now.


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