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Re: debian-10.0-powerpc-NETINST-1.iso from 18 May 2018

> Yes, not using an old image is a good idea. But again, I think most of
> these issues have been discussed here already.

Everything has been discussed before over and over and over and that is
because there really isn't any valid docs online anywhere.  There is a
lot of great general information but nothing specific that actually just
works. At least not for ppc64. So the dance continues.

Speaking of which ... I did find the menu option to configure the pkg
manager and that asks about a mirror AND it allows a manual string to be
plunked in there.  See https://i.imgur.com/L7DcC85.png

So now I will test variations on what it says there and maybe I can pick
a mirror somewhere that works. However if "buster" is hard coded into
the pkg fetch process then I am just pounding sand here.


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