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Re: debian-10.0-powerpc-NETINST-1.iso from 18 May 2018

On 4/5/19 9:26 PM, Dennis Clarke wrote:
> I am trying a re-install now from the netinst image I have. Which is not
> very old. From just last year. It is a broken process. The debian mirror
> can not be selected nor entered manually.
> Also on the console (tty from hitting F4 key) is where I see that the
> installer doesn't even go after the correct release name. The url that
> it seems to think we need has "buster" in it. So that is wrong also.

Well, this is because expert mode was broken back then. This particular
issue is fixed in the newer images if I remember correctly. But I think
I have mentioned this here before.

> I did try the basic installer but it doesn't work because networking is
> not setup correctly. It attempts DHCP and then does nothing when there
> is not a DHCP server handy. There is no method to set a static ip other
> than to open a tty session and manually do so with ip commands.

I'm pretty sure it will provide an option that says "Configure network
manually", I have used that several times. I'm not aware that this
was broken at some point.

> I do
> that and the network config is lost to the installer and on first boot I
> have to manually setup things again. Regardless the mirror for packages
> is still wrong from the installer. Maybe there is a way to just scrap
> all this and start over with a more up to day ( yesterday? ) netinst
> image. It is worth at least trying.

Yes, not using an old image is a good idea. But again, I think most of
these issues have been discussed here already.


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