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Re: PowerMac G5 fans run out of control with kernel 4.17.0-3-powerpc64 but not with 4.16.0-1-powerpc64

Thanks for the reply, Dennis!

On Oct 2, 2018, at 7:21 PM, Dennis Clarke <dclarke@blastwave.org> wrote:

> On 09/24/2018 10:18 PM, Rick Thomas wrote:
>> On Sep 21, 2018, at 9:51 AM, Dennis Clarke <dclarke@blastwave.org> wrote:
>>> On 09/03/2018 04:42 AM, Wolfram Sang wrote:
>>>>> The bug is “status: NEEDINFO”, so I assume it’s not fixed yet.  In the meantime, manually loading the windfarm modules is a tested workaround.
>>>> Does this workaround work for you, too?
>>>> "However, there is a workaround: In addition to CONFIG_I2C_POWERMAC=y you
>>>> need to compile "Device Drivers → Macintosh device drivers → WINDFARM=y"
>>>> statically into the kernel. Then, the relevant WINDFARM_xx module gets
>>>> automatically loaded again."
>>> Merely a follow up.
>>> I have tested this and run the change :
>>>    therm_windtunnel: drop using attach_adapter
>>> git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git/commit/drivers/macintosh?id=3e7bed52719de4b5b5fb900869e293eae0bc3f3e
>>> For weeks now with no issues.
>>> I am switching to 4.18.9 now and the drivers/macintosh/therm_windtunnel.c file therein is still original.  I see no reason why
>>> the change could not be pushed into the linux kernel proper.
>>> Dennis
>> Hi Dennis,
>> This is good news.
> Seems to work.
>> If you can send me a way to download the .deb(s) for this kernel
> I have never made those and never had a reason to. Sadly. Or maybe just sorry. I just download the kernel sources and do my own build and then install. There are no deb files anywhere.

I tried following the instructions at 
but the build process errored out before it managed to build a kernel.  Would you be willing to coach me through the process?  I’ll start with re-trying what I did and send you the logs with the error messages.  If you can spare the time to look at the logs and suggest what I’m doing wrong, I’d be very grateful!

> I guess I could figure out how to do that but it may be days of work.
> A tar ball may work but then again ... who knows.
> Guess I have to look at the "Debian way" to figure out the deb file
> issues.

Maybe by working together we can figure it out between us…

>> I’ll be happy to test it on my PowerMac7,3 G5 dual processor machine.
> I have done that here for a month at least. On a G5 dual socket dual
> core.

I think there are actually four different models of the PowerMac G5s.  Single socket single core (1 core total); Single socket dual core (2 cores total); Dual socket single core (2 cores total spread over two sockets); and Dual socket dual core (4 cores total).  I gather you have the 4-core version.  I have access to each of the two different 2-core versions.  Is there somebody out there with a single-core machine that would be willing to test it if Dennis and I can build a kernel “.deb”?

>> Thanks very much for all your work!
> Feels like there is another step yet. The deb files.

There’s *always* more work to do.  That’s a given!  (-;

> Dennis


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