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Re: jessie powermac yboot: ybin fails

Hi Rick,

On 03/05/2018 04:01 AM, Rick Thomas wrote:
For what it’s worth, here is the /etc/yaboot.conf on my PowerMac G5 that has both OSX and Debian Sid

Thanks for the info. I now tried several variations on my Mac mini G4 and it looks like `ybin` only complains if it cannot translate the value of the first macosx stanza to an OF path. If a non-existing device is used in a second macosx stanza `ybin` does not complain if the device in the first macosx stanza can be translated.

Not sure why it worked for Felix to remove the second stanza then, but maybe we can conclude that multiple macosx stanzas in a yaboot.conf are wrong.


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