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Re: Installer from Ports, ppc 32 bit : "No kernel modules found"[was: Re: problem with page /ports/powerpc/]

On 12/04/2017 07:45 PM, Wolfgang Pfeiffer wrote:
>> Looks good. But as I said, I don't know for how long Yaboot will
>> be around as it's currently being replaced.
> No problem for me as long as GRUB will have some usable option to 
> boot a ppc installer from inside OF, as yaboot perfectly seems to do.

The problem with Yaboot is that it is completely unmaintained. For
example, it doesn't work with modern ext4 features, so in order to boot
from an ext4 partition with Yaboot, you need to format ext4 with several
features turned off. Alternatively, use a separate /boot partition formatted
as ext2/3.

> It's really cumbersome to first have to burn an installer image to some
> CD instead of being able to quickly pipe such an image to a thumb drive
> and use it ...

Yes, that should be eventually possible with GRUB as well.

>>> Thanks a lot to everyone involved for the ppc ports installer  
>> That's quite a lot of people, actually :).
>> Btw, please join #debian-ports on OFTC if you haven't already.
> I've just been via "mibbit": on
> irc://irc.debian.org/debianppc
> I didn't see anyone in that room tho' ....
> here I was:
> irc://irc.mibbit.net/debian-ports
> I'll be back as I know about the X environment I'll install.

Did you check #debian-ports on OFTC? You have to be on the correct
IRC network, the channel name alone isn't enough.

> Plus: the firmware I'd like to load into the installer environment: the
> installer yesterday was complaining about missing firmware, IIRC. But
> actually I'd guess this can done (and skipped at install time) on a
> fully installed system by simply installing the "firmware-linux-nonfree"
> package.

Yes, you can install the firmware package later. We currently don't include
firmware in Debian Ports installation images. We can change that at some
point if people actually need that.

> But anyways: I just downloaded 
> http://http.debian.net/debian/pool/non-free/f/firmware-nonfree/firmware-nonfree_20170823.orig.tar.xz
> I'll try load that onto a second USB thumb drive and see whether the
> installer can handle it .... ;)

Should work, I think. But I never tried that.


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