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Re: New discussion: ppc64 installer -- ext2 /boot partition to keep yaboot happy.

On 11/02/2017 01:45 PM, Frank Scheiner wrote:
Can you please focus on the patches now first and re-send them for a proper review?

Sorry, you lost me here. What should I resend, the patches were included as compressed
attachments. Should I resend them inline?

My problem is that you send a wall of text, with all the patches mangled in that
I have to start fishing for the changes now.

The normal standard is to send patches using "git send-email" which will automatically
format the patches for a proper review. It's also more common to send smaller patches
as they are easier to review.

If I use your big patch "make-d-i-grub-installer-work-for-newworld-power-macs.diff"
patch now and just apply it as-is, I am risking of breaking grub-installer on other
architectures and you can probably imagine how the other debian-installer maintainers
will react to such a change.

You don't have to make mini patches, but the changes should be separate from each
other logically so that we minimize the risk of breaking something.


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