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Re: Adding more ppc64 buildds from the POWER cloud

hi Adrian,

On 04/03/2016 06:35 PM, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
Since the POWER8 machines are very powerful, it would probably make
sense to create multiple buildd instances on the single cloud instance
but that depends on the availability of cores and memory.

Ok, since we will not even have VMX, I understand that we might not need a POWER8, i.e, we can pursue initially with a POWER7. Does it make sense?

Other than that, I will create a entry for you on one machine. But I am wondering if we should go with powerpc arhc other than ppc64, since I am not sure how stable is ppc64 right now. What is your recommendation?

Also, feel free to send me your SSH pub key, so I can put on the VM.

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