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Re: Adding more ppc64 buildds from the POWER cloud

Hi Breno!

On 04/03/2016 10:59 PM, Breno Leitao wrote:
> Yes. I am glad to help on this effort. We still have that "POWER minicloud"
> program and I think we can deploy a ppc64 image to be used as a build server
> (buildd).

That's great news, awesome :).

> On the other hand, the DSA has two POWER8 machines that they use to build powerpc
> and ppc64el. Maybe they can create another VM on one of those to be the ppc64
> buildd. This would be better for the ppc64 port, if we can have DSA building it in
> a DSA managed buildd. Did you try to talk to the DSA already?

I haven't asked DSA yet, but from my experience that aren't really
interested in dealing with ports architectures. Unlike ppc64el and
powerpc, ppc64 isn't a release architecture, so there is no official
support at all.

>From what I have gathered, Hiroyuki is the main active porter behind the
ppc64 port and he has reported about issues with his ppc64 buildds in
the past, so I think it would be best if he could get root access
to a new instance in the POWER cloud and set up an additional ppc64
buildd(s). Aurelien Jarno could then add the new buildd to wanna-build
on buildd.debian.org.

Since the POWER8 machines are very powerful, it would probably make
sense to create multiple buildd instances on the single cloud instance
but that depends on the availability of cores and memory. For sparc64,
for example, we have 5 buildd instances on a SPARC T2000 with 24 cores
and 8 GiB of RAM.

I have set up buildds for many ports architectures (m68k, powerpcspe,
sh4, sparc64 and x32) and I would be happy to help, I'm a DD as


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