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Re: Debian PowerPC and PowerPC Notebook.


Running 32-bit vs. 64-bit on powerpc makes me wonder… Is there a
multilib version of Debian powerpc?

I've been running Gentoo and Debian on my Power Mac G4 and G5. To  me,
the problem seemed to be that I could not run selected programs 64-bit
(as suggested), because that would have meant to go for something
similar to x86+amd64 multilib on powerpc/ppc64 – something a regular
user is certainly unable to pull out of the hat.

Even chrooting into a 64-bit (or 32-bit) environment is a huge task for
a regular user. (I compiled my own kernels and tried chroot, but in the
end running pure ppc64 or pure ppc on Gentoo was the painless way of
doing things, naturally except for the kernel.)

I still have my Power Macs.
Going multilib would be great on powerpc!
As would be out-of-the-box x86 emulation for binary-only programs.

Andreas  aka  Linux User #330250

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