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Debian PowerPC and PowerPC Notebook.


I'm contacting you on the behalf of the PowerPC Notebook project team.

As you might already know, we are a group of volunteers collaborating towards building a notebook around the Freescale e6500 core (ALTIVEC and PowerIsa 2.07).
We are aiming at making the hardware FSF compliant (or at least Open).

We will be using Debian ppc64 as our Operating System.

Is it possible for us to join you, essentially for the ppc64 port? (development/bug fixing/testing...)

We would eventually also like to run ppc64el (but from my understanding, that would be without ALTIVEC).

Please contact us if you think there are subjects/packages we can work on.

Thanks a lot,
and hoping to be of help.
The PowerPC Notebook project team.

(NOTE: Some of us already have 32bit and 64bit PowerPC hardware running Debian.)

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