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Remote access to VSX and VMX128 capable machines?

Hi all,

I'm a Debian developer and a long time Debian/powerpc user, though I now
don't have as many PowerPC machines as I had before, right now just a
Powerbook G4 that I have upgraded as I much as I could to help me on
Altivec stuff [1].

I've recently started an indiegogo project, writing a
comparative reference guide for all SIMD engines. More information can
be found on the project page:


and you can find a first draft that I uploaded today in the Updates
I'm going to be including all/most major SIMD engines that I am
familiar with, from the PowerPC side I'm going to include AltiVec/VMX
(of course!), and I'd also like to include VMX128 (found in the Xenon
CPU on Xbox360) and VSX (found on modern IBM Power7/Power8) systems.

The problem is that I don't have any VMX128/VSX capable machine, so I
would like to kindly request anyone that has such systems running Linux
and connected online, if it would be possible to provide me with ssh
access to those machines, to help me test the example code that will go
in the book. I really cannot afford buying either an xbox360 and much
more a Power7 system right now to do the tests. However, I'm willing to
send a free copy of the book to the person(s) that will provide me
access to such systems! Preferably running Debian (recent), and
preferably with a stable connection!

Of course if you would like to also help the project, that would also
be very welcome!



PS. I'm subscribed to the list, no need to CC.

[1] personal page/blog: http://freevec.org

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