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Re: Results of the porter roll call (Was: Roll call for porters of architectures in sid and testing)

On 2013-10-14 10:06, Sven Luther wrote:
> [...]
>>> I don't know upto what point you are familiar with my history and its link to the powerpc
>>> port, but it pains me to see that the powerpc port is left with so few porters, and that it 
>>> may mean the port being dropped. I also have not really followed the mailing lists since 
>>> a long time, and don't know who is actually managing the powerpc port, but giving the (1) and 
>>> 0.5 remark, i guess there is not a full porter.
>> I am not familiar with your history, so I cannot comment on that part.
> I was kicked out of debian 7 years ago, due to a personal conflict with a couple of other DDs.
> I have left this behind me, and i think 7 years is enough for everyone to let this behind it, 
> and 6 month ago, i was allowed again to post on debian lists, and there apparently was no 
> negative feedback on that.
> Still I don't want to cause problems, even though i had one nice return to my mail which warmed 
> my hearth, so before you add me or something, could you please check with the DPL or ask on
> debian-private or something to be sure this is ok. If you like more details please ask some other
> DDs who were there at the time, i think it is not my place to speak about it, and as said, it is
> history for me.

I haven't brought this up on d-private nor with the DPL, nor have I any
intention of doing so.  I have no desire in ripping up old wounds; sorry.
  If you have been unbanned (as you seem to claim) it sounds like you
have been given another chance.  At this time, I have no reason to
second-guess that.  So, if you can work with the current powerpc porters
(and they with you), I see no reason to stand in your way of working
with them.
  Obviously, I cannot promise you it will be easy or anything.  If your
stigmata is as bad as you suggest, you risk "doing twice the work for
half the pay"[1] - not to mention having "tread lighter" than everyone
else to avoid restarting the old conflict (or a fueling new one).
  If you are ready and willing to work under these conditions; good,
please roll up your sleeves and get started.  If not, well, I wouldn't
hold it against you, but then that is pretty much "end-of-discussion"
for me.

>>  [...]
>>> So given that, and provided debian may not see a problem again in me becoming active, i may
>>> be interested in becoming active again as powerpc maintainer. Not sure what category you 
>>> can include me in though, and what the formalities would be should i become active (and welcome)
>>> in debian again.
>> Assuming you can work with the current powerpc porter(s), I believe
>> there should be no issue adding you as a non-DD porter for now.  For
>> now, I have not added you to my list, but feel free to let me know if I
>> should ammend it.
> Well, i will most assuredly have no problem with working with anyone of good will, if you gave me
> (privately) the name of the porter and other volunteers, i could contact them to make sure they 
> have no trouble with me (but back then i don't think there was any powerpc people with whom i had 
> bad contact too, quite the contrary).

The names of the porters were included in my original "Results of the
porter roll call" mail (see the attachment), so they are already public

> I would need to get access to a debian/powerpc machine though, as i don't travel with a powerpc laptop
> anymore (my G4 powerbook hinges are broken and apple left powerpc), and i travel a lot.
> [...]
> Friendly,
> Sven Luther

Debian should have a powerpc porterbox.  However, I believe you will
need a DD to sign off on you getting a guest account for those.  I won't
be able to help you here though.  Alternatively, some of the other ppc
porters might have an unofficial porterbox you can use.


[1] I suppose this is especially true if you want to become a DD.

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