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Squeeze for ppc on mac-mini G4 and bluetooth keyboard A1016

Hi all,

I'm trying to get an Apple wireless keyboard (mod. A1016) to work under
Debian-Squeeze for powerpc installed on a Mac-mini PowerPc G4, mid 2005.

Bluetooth from Gnome-control-centre says keyboard and mouse have been
paired, but AAMOF I can use the mouse only: the keyboard is not
responding at all!
Trying to pair from console bluetooth does not succeed at all, not even
with the mouse.

I wonder if it is at all possible to get that keyboard working under
Squeeze or I must upgrade to Wheezy! (Of course, both mouse and kbd work
perfectly under Mac OS X.

Does any of you have some suggestions?

Thanks in advance. Regards,

[Why use Win$ozz (I say) if ... "even a fool can do that.          \\?//
 Do something you aren't good at!" (as Henry Miller used to say)]  (°|°)
Regards, Ennio.                                                     )=(

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