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Re: Bug#332227: partconf: Exclude CD/DVD drives from partition search

Milan Kupcevic <milan@physics.harvard.edu> (2013-05-02):
> Hi Cyril,
> Patch [0] supplied by Frank Fegert fixes this bug. Can we push partconf
> 1.41 with this fix in Wheezy r1? It will allow installation of Debian on
> VIOS virtual drives in LPAR's of IBM Power machines.
> Milan
> [0] http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-parted/2013-02/msg00007.html

Sorry, I've been awfully slow at processing a bunch of flagged mails…

Since I haven't been following -boot@ closely enough, I can't tell if
the partconf package including that patch led to any regressions, and
I'm not confident about rushing an updated package into 7.2 right now
(the merge window closed this weekend). I've just pushed a cherry-pick
of said patch into a wheezy branch for consideration in a later point
release, though.

Comments from people who actually know about hardware are much welcome.


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