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Re: Sound and BCM4318 wireless no longer working in Wheezy on late 2005 G5

Hi Frank,

2013/9/17, frank <frankramiro55@gmail.com>:
> please Can you help me on this sound and wireless problem, i have a imac
> ppc
> g5 ibm processor with debian wheezy 7.1
> and have no sound and wireless, can you please give me detailed commands
> you
> wrote bellow but when i type in the terminal  /etc/modules get error code
> i'm notvery savey on this so please give me step by step on how you've done
> it thanks.
The actual reason for your sound problem is probably the file
/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-local.conf that hinders the aoa drivers from
getting loaded. You can just rename it to end something else than
.conf, and it stops working:

$ su
# mv /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-local.conf

Now, just reboot, and it should be ok.

The file was created by the installer that made the wrong decision
about which sound driver is needed on this machine.

Having snd-powermac listed in /etc/modules is unnecessary but
harmless. The driver itself knows that it cannot work on the machine
in question.


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