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Re: Sound and BCM4318 wireless no longer working in Wheezy on late 2005 G5

On 16 September 2013 at 22:23 frank <frankramiro55@gmail.com> wrote:
> please Can you help me on this sound and wireless problem, i have a imac ppc
> g5 ibm processor with debian wheezy 7.1
> and have no sound and wireless, can you please give me detailed commands you
> wrote bellow but when i type in the terminal  /etc/modules get error code
> i'm notvery savey on this so please give me step by step on how you've done
> it thanks.

Hi Frank,

I currently have working sound, but the BCM wireless only works intermittently
so I am using a USB wireless dongle with a Realtek chipset at the moment. The
kernel that is currently in Debian Wheezy and Jessie (the "testing" release)
seems to be quite unstable, as I get a kernel panic after an hour or so of use.
If you can put up with the old version of things like Iceweasel, then I'd
suggest using the previous stable release until a more recent version of the
kernel makes its way into Wheezy or Jessie.

However, if you want to try and get sound in Wheezy working, then you need to
edit the /etc/modules file. This can only be done as the "root" user, so use the
following command in a terminal to login as root:

su -

You will then be prompted to enter the root password you set when you installed

Now edit the /etc/modules file. If you are not familiar with the vi text editor,
then the nano editor should be a more novice friendly alternative. I cannot help
with nano, since I've never used it, but you would need to type the following to
edit the /etc/modules file:

nano /etc/modules

Change the contents of the file to match the following:

# fix issue with fans running at full blast
# load AOA drivers

Assuming you have a later audio chipset, you can now reboot your computer and
should have sound. If that doesn't work, then you will need the older audio
drivers. I don't know what entries in /etc/modules you would need for them



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