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Re: Video problems: 6.0.5(64-bit) - G5 - nouveau


David Adcock Wrote:
> Installed (64-bit) Squeeze on a G5 Tower (2.3, dual core, GeForce 6600).  Installation had no issues.
> Bootup of the system runs well until X starts.  Then I get *EXACTLY* this following message:
>       driver version.  Please carefully read all instructions on
> (which is repeated one time after a few blank lines.)  Following that, the login splash screen comes up, but only the rightmost 1/4 of the screen is visible, and this part does not reach the top of the screen; the rest of the screen is dark.
> I think maybe if I knew *WHICH* driver, or *WHERE* to look, this could be easy to remediate.  nouveau?  xserver?  something else?

As far as I remember, with Squeeze, the Nouveau drivers wasn't working
very well.
The driver of Wheezy mostly work (apart from weird font displaying in
Gnome Shell and an endianness issue with the second port).

Wheezy is usable as a desktop and for programming so may be that's
what you want to use.



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