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Re: Yaboot install problem - IBM 911-285

On Tue, Jan 17, 2012 at 01:58:41PM +0000, Mark Benson wrote:
> I have a new IBM IntelliStation 285 (9111-285) and am trying to install. Using the latest Debian 6.0.3 DVD or netinstall images. I can setup and install Debian just fine, but when I hit the yaboot install stage it fails and reports no partition of type Apple_Bootstrap found. I used guided partitioning on one disk and a 7.3MB PReP partition is present and flagged as Bootable (B).
> The Apple partition error is erroneous as IBM use a PReP partition instead so I don't understand the issue.
> Can anyone help?

yaboot 1.3.13a has issues with a number of IBM systems.  1.3.16 works
in most cases.  Unfortunately stable has 1.3.13a.

You could try during the install to go to the console (tty2 should be
one) and downloading the 1.3.16 package into /target (chroot /target
gets you to the mostly installed system) and then install that and see
if it solves the issue.

Or for a simpler test, try installing wheezy from the testing installer
image.  If that works, it's a good indication that the new yaboot is
your solution.

Len Sorensen

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