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root enforced password change do not work


I installed Debian 5.x with success on power-PC G3 and G4.

But installing Debian squeeze 6.x on the same machines it surged a
problem with the login to normal user accounts:

as I login; the authentication process is asking to change the password;
message:  ''root enforced change password''.

but a new login re-ask the same ''root enforced change password''
again. It seam that the thing do not work as it should.

I encountered this ''root enforced change password'' only on power-PC
squeeze, not on the release lenny and never on Debian i386. Searching in
the mail list for power-PC after the release date of power-PC squeeze I
could not found anything about.

upgrading to ''Sid'' did not change anything.

I would be very happy if somebody could help me about -- even providing
some basic information about the login authentication procedure; to
switch off this ''root enforced change password'' .

thanks -- have a good day   Reto
Reto Grolimund      rg@arean.net

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