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Setup firewall/gateway/server on Bubba Two headless server


I have a Bubba Two headless (power pc) server, and on it installed
Debian Squeeze along with bubba packages.

This installation is based on Debian GNU/Linux Squeeze so it's possible
to install every debian package from the squeeze repository.

It has also so called bubba packages and those are also packaged as
debian packages, in deb.

I want to get rid of those bubba packages that are maintained by the
Excito Team: http://www.excito.com/

In the tutorial

is explained how to revert the Bubba installation to minimal Debian

How can I after that setup Debian system for firewall/gateway/server for
my home LAN? 

What I want is to protect my LAN and to get a web server that is
reachable from the Internet and from LAN too.

I want to use Shorewall as firewall manager and apache2 as a webserver.

Regards from Pal

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