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Re: YouTube on iBook with Wheezy...?

On Sat, Jan 07, 2012 at 07:22:53AM GMT, Jeff Gordon wrote:
> I've installed Wheezy on my old iBook (G3? G4? not sure) and would love to
> find a reasonable way to view YouTube videos on it.  I gather the underlying
> problem is (1) no Flash plugin expected to be made for PPC architecture, and
> (2) Gnash development has stalled out...?
> I've tried the FlashVideoReplacer plugin for Firefox/Iceweasel, but that
> doesn't seem to work -- no matter which player I've set it for, nothing
> happens; I see the file being transferred and cached, but pressing "Play"
> only results in the message "Stopped" in less than a second.

Had similar problems some time ago.

> It begins to look like HTML5 may, eventually, be the answer...?  But it
> seems to require something called WebM...?  Only, when I follow the link
> at YouTube for that and land at the mozilla site, the site will only tell
> me I need a newer version of Firefox and won't I please download it now.

If you download PPC version there shouldn't be any problem.

> If I go ahead and download it, will I have something that will run in 
> Wheezy on PPC?  Or is this a wild goose chase?  Aternatively, is there
> any other way to acquire WebM?  And will _it_ be useful on PPC?

As far as I can remember using any Flash plugin caused the processor to
go crazy and the fan to spin loudly. Sometimes it would freeze the browser
to the extent that it wasn't usable. Now, that was a while ago.

In the end I've given up and use "youtube-dl" if I'd like to download
that video or "minitube" if I need to view it quickly.

Remember that flash is only needed for the web player interface, not the
video itself.

P.S. 12" iBook G4 (2005) here.


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