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Re: YouTube on iBook with Wheezy...?

Hi there.

On Jan 07 2012, Jeff Gordon wrote:
> I've tried the FlashVideoReplacer plugin for Firefox/Iceweasel, but that
> doesn't seem to work -- no matter which player I've set it for, nothing
> happens.


> I see the file being transferred and cached, but pressing "Play" only
> results in the message "Stopped" in less than a second.

I'm talking with the upstream maintainer of that plugin and I have some
patches that are waiting for him to merge. You can see part of my work at my
github tree:


Please, do keep in mind that I am a *real* beginner in Javascript.

If you don't mind grabbing videos on the command line, then you can use
youtube-dl, which I maintain here in Debian and to which I also contribute:


I am more proficient with Python than with Javascript, as you can see.

Also, if you feel alone when you want to browse, say, iTunes U, then you can
try to use tunesviewer, which I am starting to contribute to:


Well, perhaps you see some commonalities in the projects that I maintain
(most of them related to videos), but that's because I like visual stimuli.

> It begins to look like HTML5 may, eventually, be the answer...?  But it
> seems to require something called WebM...?

Which version of Iceweasel are you using? If you are using what is in Debian
testing or in the backports right now, then you have everything needed.

Then, just visit:


click the link at the bottom that says "Join the HTML5 trial" and youtube
will send you a cookie that indicates that you prefer WebM videos.

Then, when surfing many (most?) videos on Youtube, you will see them played
right in Firefox.

> Only, when I follow the link at YouTube for that and land at the mozilla
> site, the site will only tell me I need a newer version of Firefox and
> won't I please download it now.

Those browsers distributed by mozilla won't work on PPC machines, as they
are compiled for x86 machines.

> If I go ahead and download it, will I have something that will run in 
> Wheezy on PPC?


> Aternatively, is there any other way to acquire WebM?  And will _it_ be
> useful on PPC?

See above. Lots of ways of watching videos on non-{x86,x86_64} platforms.

Hope this helps,

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