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Re: YouTube on iBook with Wheezy...?

On 01/07/2012 08:22 AM, Jeff Gordon wrote:
Hi, Folks --

Checking the archive of the mail list, I see this is a recurring question. :-)

I've installed Wheezy on my old iBook (G3? G4? not sure) and would love to
find a reasonable way to view YouTube videos on it.  I gather the underlying
problem is (1) no Flash plugin expected to be made for PPC architecture, and
(2) Gnash development has stalled out...?

I've tried the FlashVideoReplacer plugin for Firefox/Iceweasel, but that
doesn't seem to work -- no matter which player I've set it for, nothing
happens; I see the file being transferred and cached, but pressing "Play"
only results in the message "Stopped" in less than a second.

It begins to look like HTML5 may, eventually, be the answer...?  But it
seems to require something called WebM...?  Only, when I follow the link
at YouTube for that and land at the mozilla site, the site will only tell
me I need a newer version of Firefox and won't I please download it now.

If I go ahead and download it, will I have something that will run in
Wheezy on PPC?  Or is this a wild goose chase?  Aternatively, is there
any other way to acquire WebM?  And will _it_ be useful on PPC?

Thanks kindly,

The FlashVideoReplacer plugin works as long as you set it as standalone player. I have it working as such.


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