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Re: no sound on powerbook G4 with wheezy

Looks like this is a never-ending story...

Originally there was only snd-powermac and it supported machines up to
snapper: http://wiki.debian.org/PowerpcSoundcards

Then came snd-aoa which supported machines from (and including)
snapper upwards. And at some point snd-powermac decided to set a limit
at the existence of layout-id property in device-tree.

The last D-I has tried to set the limit between these two by
blacklisting snd-aoa when snd-powermac is loaded. But it didn't check
the layout-id.

It's worth to mention that snd-powermac leaves the h/w intact when it
gives the warning about layout-id in dmesg. But in at least one case,
PowerMac G4 Digital Audio (PowerMac3,4), snd-aoa does something that
prevents snd-powermac from working. This was the motivation for this
last change in D-I.

Now this patch should make it right:

Let's hope that we'll get a happy end after all.


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