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Re: no sound on powerbook G4 with wheezy

* Piotr Kopszak [111226 12:03 +0100]:

> Yes, I did it in the first place without success. So it seems there
> are two bugs in D-I. First snd-powermac should not be included in
> /etc/modules, second udev should load proper modules as in the case of
> Powerbook5,8. Maybe different logic boards are to blame?

I am running self compiled vanilla kernels. There is only
snd_aoa_codec_onyx enabled which runs on the latest 5,8.

But anyway, you're right. There must be found a solution for D-I to
decide which snd modules should be loaded. The snd_powerpc should be
for AWACS, DACA, Burgundy, Tumbler, Keywest only.


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