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Re: Newbee

I have a g4 powerbook with debian and I can send you the configurations file /etc/xorg.conf (tomorrow, when I have the computer) or you can find it yourself by searching web.

If you want it. What it does is force you to use the button for clicking. However what gave me some adjustment challenges: it is also set to vertical scroll with two fingers. Ok, nice. 3rd it is set to secondary click - which you Really need somehow - by two fingers down and the mouse button click. That is sometimes tricky to do without scrolling.

By the way, for speed, I am using the LXDE desktop environment. There is now an lxde cd, as well as a netinstall option for it. much faster and less resource consumptive than the other alternatives.

I guess you have got the wifi to work ? took me a while to realize what they meant by the firmware packages, just dumb I guess, but then I also found there the firmware downloader for video acceleration which helps...

On Thu, Aug 11, 2011 at 7:40 PM, David Lowe <doctorjlowe@verizon.net> wrote:
       Since Apple doesn't support OS 10.5 anymore, i've gone and put Debian on my old G4 PowerBook.  I confess i was initially disappointed when the install CD gave me Squeeze without a GUI.  Things went better after i started over with a net install disc, but i do wish that the limitations of what's on the CD vs. the DVD were more clearly explained on the download page.

       Anyway, on to my main point.  I find it hard to get anything done right now, as the overly sensitive trackpad keeps noticing the heel of my palm and inserting 'clicks' when i don't mean to click.  Programs start and stop unbidden.  I believe the included 'powerpcutils' package should be able to handle this, but i've so far been unable to get "/sbin/trackpad notap" to work.  I put it into the Startup programs, and it got deleted?  How can i get the desired result every time i log in?

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