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Re: Can I install debian on a e300 board?

I am trying to build a Debian kernel for my board. But I don't wanna use ltib which supplied by Freescale. I have downloaded the latest kernel source from kernel.org. Can I build the kernel just from this source? Must I use ltib to build kernel to conform all BSP would be installed? Thanks.

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Betreff: Re: Can I install debian on a e300 board?

  >>  I haven't build a kernel. I just download
  >>  and extract kernel from it.
  >  Okay.
Er... Can this image should work for me? Or this image is only work for
Apple computer?
Just checked that. The MPC8313 CPU should be supported, but I think
the platform support code for your board (Freescale MPC831x RDB) is not
compiled into the Debian kernel image.
So you have to compile a new kernel.


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