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Nouveau driver issue in squeeze

Hey everyone,
I have recently installed debian squeeze on an older Powerbook G4
1ghz, and have been having a number of issues, relating to both video
and the fan. The fan issue hasn't really gone anywhere. The video
issue, well... I tried using the following "known working config" for
my laptop:

Using this config, after rebooting, the entire system freaks out. The
system locks up, and the screen gets a ton of tears, almost as if the
video card was overheated. You can't switch vty's, and pretty much no
input is accepted (or at least looks like it's accepted).

Now, using the exact same config, but switching nouveau to nv,
everything works perfectly.

The issue is, there's still a ton of tearing when moving windows. I'd
really like to switch over to nouveau because I think it will provide
at least a bit better performance.

Then again the laptop runs slowly even with OSX, so I'm wondering if
its just an old POS - youtube videos aren't even watchable! Any
thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

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