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Re: Fan won't work - system locking up as a result

For your information: MintPPC is pure Debian. The only difference with
plane Debian is the theme. Everything under the hood is exactly the same
as Debian. Another small difference is the apt system, which has more
features and the software update system. MintPPC immediately loads the
right modules for things like battery status and so on. I saw that
people always have the same troubles with Ubuntu or Debian on PPC based
machines. I wanted to make a distro which takes care of all these little
things, without touching the inner working of Debian Linux. I hope this
clears things up.

Jeroen Diederen aka Linuxopjemac (the designer of MintPPC)

Op 17/5/2011 schreef "Matty Sarro" <msarro@gmail.com>:

>On Tue, May 17, 2011 at 9:52 AM, Tom@gmail <tjmcavaney@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Hey everyone. I just installed debian with Mintppc9 and there is one
>>> remaining issue - the fan doesn't work. Because of this, the laptop
>>> gets extremely hot, and the fans never come on. After a few minutes,
>>> it locks up.
>> I don't mean to be rude, but if you want to stuck with Mint you might find you have more luck asking your question on the Mint forums (this list usually supports Debian, rather than derivative distros such as Mint).
>> That said, have you tried installing Debian from an official Debian .iso?  See [www.debian.org/distrib/]
>> Good luck
>> Tom
>I have tried, and they pointed me towards this list :)
>I had originally had debian squeeze installed, but for some reason it
>wasn't seeing that I had a battery connected, though I think I'm going
>to leverage the automatically-included modules from mintppc should I
>switch back. Mint sees the battery without an issue.
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