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Re: 2.6.39, radeon_bl and pbbuttonsd

* Rogério Brito [110424 04:39 -0300]:
> Hi, Elimar and others.
> On 04/21/11 05:30, Elimar Riesebieter wrote:
> > I am running 2.6.39-rc4. For the backlight control this kernel
> > uses /sys/class/backlight/radeon_bl on my PB.
> Would you care to share your configuration for 2.6.39-rc*? Up to
> -rc3, I was getting some problems (probably, problems with udev,
> but I don't quite know for sure).

2.6.39 works fine here. There is one issue: nfs spluttered when
playing audio or video over nfs (2.6.38 does not).

The main points of my config:

I am running pata drivers for hd in conjunction with a pmu-led patch
which lets the front led works as a hd status led.

Running Michel's ppc_agp patch let me start my radeon with agp-mode

So there are many things to do especially running ppc with pata:
adjust fstab to sda behaviour
find an ofpath which finds /dev/sd?
adjust yaboot.conf accordingly

Is it this what you are looking for? To do that you'll find all
needed patches and hints in this mailing list archive


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