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Re: Squeeze on Lombard

Hi, Risto.

On 04/10/2011 12:48 PM, Risto Suominen wrote:
> What is most important when it comes to computers? Stability, I guess.
> The machine practically stops after some minutes. Top shows 99%wa
> (iowait). Bug in ide driver?

Can you provide more information on this? Just for the record, I have revived
*both* my iBook G3 600MHz and my iBook G4 1.33GHz so that I can develop with
Debian here and both of them are working fine (today's sid), without any problems.

In fact, since I keep my important files in a git repository and I clone it
whenever I need to use another computer of my own, I can't tell (apart from the
keyboard and the speed) that I am using old laptop, and not ia32 one.

> What is the most important feature in laptops? Standby mode. The
> machine wakes up but the desktop doesn't. Kernel or X issue?

Here the issue may be hairy, because many things may be involved. More details?

> Then there are smaller things. Like Finnish keyboard mapping is not
> working out-of-the-box.

This sucks. But I am sure that you can fiddle (for now) the contents of
/etc/default/keyboard and have them reflected on X.

> Hard to see any progress here. Why is this happening for things that
> have been working in previous version?

I had a long hiatus working on ppc here with Debian (and I am just returning),
but I would say that the lack of people actively developing and testing makes
things worse. Now that the bootloader problem seems to be partly addressed, I
hope that we can have more people testing the daily installation images.

I hope to get more involved with debian-boot/debian-cd when it comes to PowerPC,
but I don't have many resources (I only have those 2 notebooks and one Kurobox).
I know nothing about PREP/CHRP/other beasts.

> And Wheezy... what is it going to bring us? At least it doesn't boot
> at all without video=ofonly on any PowerMac i know.

What kernel are you using? I am not having problems here with any kernel <
2.6.39-rc. Something must have changed with the .39 release cycle, because the
configuration files that I have don't work anymore. But I see that Debian only
has 2.6.38 kernels precompiled...

> Enough complaining. Maybe I just had too high hopes.

Well, perhaps Debian has set some good precedents and you are just used to them.
:-) But the good thing is that we can fix those problems.


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