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Squeeze on Lombard

After installing Squeeze on a PowerBook G3 Lombard, I cannot avoid
sounding negative. Compared to Lenny...

What is most important when it comes to computers? Stability, I guess.
The machine practically stops after some minutes. Top shows 99%wa
(iowait). Bug in ide driver?

What is the most important feature in laptops? Standby mode. The
machine wakes up but the desktop doesn't. Kernel or X issue?

Then there are smaller things. Like Finnish keyboard mapping is not
working out-of-the-box.

Hard to see any progress here. Why is this happening for things that
have been working in previous version?

And Wheezy... what is it going to bring us? At least it doesn't boot
at all without video=ofonly on any PowerMac i know.

Enough complaining. Maybe I just had too high hopes.


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