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iBook G3 & Squeeze -- any hope?

I have an aging iBook G3 (600MHz, 384Mb) and I tried to install Squeeze
(using the Netinst image).

While the install went fine, on reboot I was unable to get any kind of
desktop. With the default boot there was just a grey rectangle on the
screen and a speckled bar near the bottom. Booting with video=ofonly,
the boot messages got to an error about the governor timing out[*] and
then it hung until I pressed the off switch at which point a normal shut
down followed.

The only article I've been able to track down for Squeeze on this
hardware had lots of stuff requiring OSX which I no longer have.

Does anyone have any links or advice or is the whole system a


[*] I'll need to reinstall to get the exact message as I've currently
got Archppc on the disk but that's even worse--can't find the root partition.

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