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Re: iBook G3 & Squeeze -- any hope?


Le mercredi 06 avril 2011 à 14:56 +0100, James Tappin a écrit :
> While the install went fine, on reboot I was unable to get any kind of
> desktop. With the default boot there was just a grey rectangle on the
> screen and a speckled bar near the bottom. Booting with video=ofonly,
> the boot messages got to an error about the governor timing out[*] and
> then it hung until I pressed the off switch at which point a normal shut
> down followed.

The “problem” with the governor is just a warning; no need to worry for
that, I think.
Your problem must come from some Xorg configuration issues. You may try
booting with “init 1” and try playing with Xorg from here (sorry, I
don't know anything about your machine after this point).


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