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lenny->squeeze upgrade success (and b43 hostapd question)

Hello debian powerpc users and developers,

I would just like to report a mostly successful upgrade of a 1GHz 12" powerbook from lenny to squeeze last night.  This system serves as my firewall, router, NAT, webserver, and wireless access point, and I'd been delaying the upgrade out of fear of botching something.

Turns out, there was no need to worry.  The new kernel and udev installed cleanly, and all services are back up and running.  All but one of the problems I've had aren't ppc related at all (e.g. mysql tables not cleanly upgrading).

My only ppc-related problem is flakiness of the b4306-based wireless access point, but I haven't tracked down whether the problem is due to the b43 firmware, hostapd, wpasupplicant, or the hardware itself (it was not reliable under lenny either).  If anyone else has had success with such a setup, I'd love to hear about it.

Thank you to all those who had worked on powerpc squeeze to make the transition so painless.


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