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Re: A short tutorial on running GRUB2 on a PPC

On Sam, 2011-04-02 at 19:20 -0700, Brian Morris wrote:
> I have had libfreevec (clibrary replacement) installed on my g4
> powerbook for several years with no problems, upgrading in place from
> etch to lenny to squeeze. but I have not tried to build apps against
> it.

Can you share details about how you're doing that? When I tried it a
couple of years ago, I got crashes all over the place due to bugs (which
were known to the author, but he seemed uninterested in fixing them) in
at least strcmp. Looking at the svn log now, it looks like that should
finally be fixed, but now I'm having a hard time even getting it to
build, let alone run anything useful...

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