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Re: Yaboot

On Tue, Nov 30, 2010 at 02:17:01AM +0100, Benjamin Cama wrote:
> Le lundi 29 novembre 2010 à 22:55 +0100, Gaudenz Steinlin a écrit :
> > Sorry, but that's not the way Free Software works. Don't wait for
> > others to tell you what to do, show us the code!
> I'm not exactly "waiting" for anyone: I already integrated the latest
> yaboot version into the Debian package with some other patches, which
> took quite some time. I coded just a bit, though, but I was hoping that
> some people would follow. I'm no specialist at all about PPC and stuff,
> I did all by myself seeing that almost nobody did anything for some
> time. It's just that after some time, seeing you're alone integrating,
> coding, patching, fixing bugs in that package, you're a bit discouraged.
> There was a lot of people willing to test, but that's only part of the
> equation. And I'm not blaming anyone.

Benjamin, rest assured your work has been very much appreciated,
at least by me. :]

> > And what you say is even not true. I already said that I will happily
> > sponsor a yaboot upload if it fixes reported RC bugs. This is equally
> > valid for all the other relevant packages. Also the release team will
> > generally approve uploads that fix RC bugs. They want to release
> > Debian after all.
> I don't see what I said that implied that. I know that you offered
> sponsoring, thanks, but the thing is, as of today, this "new" yaboot
> fixes no RC bug… So I was trying to do one last thing, which is
> integrating Joseph's code, before asking for you to sponsor me. This
> way, it would at least fix an RC bug and be accepted by the release
> team, I hope. My criticism was about not having answers to my questions
> about accepting such a package update (minor version change on a package
> not updated in years while debian is frozen).

It is a very special case and I am pretty much sure that changes to
yaboot & yaboot-installer would be accepted to make installation on
PowerMacs works.

> To fix this problem, other options are replacing ofpath altogether with
> Joseph's code, which is too much risky regarding backward compatibility,
> I think. Or use ofpathname, which will need some integration work, and
> even if it's been more trained than Joseph's code (it's used in GRUB 2),
> it could cause some quirks too. But if someone feels like it, let him
> code it!

When you talk about Joseph's code, do you talk about the changes in the
Gentoo package or something elsewhere (which I have obviously missed)?

> > Milan Kupcevic sent me a yaboot package for review today. I'll look
> > into it tomorrow. So your assumption that there is nothing going on is
> > simply wrong.
> Well, I didn't see any message from him here regarding this issue. I
> can't guess what people are doing. Seeing this ML's activity recently, I
> was under the impression that everyone had let yaboot down. Nice to here
> someone is trying to improve it, but I wonder what solution he found.

Same thoughts here.

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