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Re: Bug#589701: ofpath is not compatible with non-builtin disk controllers

On 09/28/2010 07:26 PM, Benjamin Cama wrote:
> Well, even if you didn't mention it explicitly, it was listed in the
> lspci dump since the beginning and nobody saw it until now. And one may
> also find it disturbing that a piece of software doesn't work with an
> addon card on a machine that has free slots to add such cards ! But
> bootstrapping an OS on non-original hardware modification is always a
> bit hard.

Promise add-on sata controllers do not have proper OpenFirmware support.
Therefore, they will never be able to boot an OpenFirmware machine.
There are very few add-on SATA controllers with proper OpenFirmware
support. Here are four I personally tried out:

Sonnet Tempo SATA PCI [1]
SeriTek/1V4 [2]
SeriTek/1eVE2+2 [3]
SeriTek/1S2 [4]

Other SeriTek cards explicitly described as "compatible with all
PCI-based Power PC Macintosh computers" with "completely self-contained
booting functionality" should probably work equally well.

If you find other add-on sata controller(s) able to boot a PowerMac
machine, please let me know.


  [1] http://www.sonnettech.com/product/tempo_serial_ata.html
  [2] http://www.firmtek.com/seritek/seritek-1v4/
  [3] http://www.firmtek.com/seritek/seritek-1ve2plus2/
  [4] http://www.firmtek.com/seritek/seritek-1s2/

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