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Call for testers: new yaboot package release

Hi everyone,

So, yaboot in debian is currently suffering from a lot of problems, and
until now we were only talking about it. Here is some code to test it,
now to really see what's still causing problems and what's solved.

Here is the (temporary) place where you can find it :

It contains a .deb and the git repository I used to build it (beware,
there's a lot of cruft in it caused by my experiments with git and
debian packaging; I lack experience in both). It basically an up-to-date
yaboot (1.3.16) + debian modifications from 1.3.13a (some were already
integrated upstream) + Rogério Brito's debian packaging enhancements +
some patches (namely Rick Thomas' quotes and spaces fix for latest
linux-base, and the no /proc/ide fix (which IMHO fixes nothing
interesting, but still)) + fixes of mine (mainly debian packaging).

Everything should be "nicely" commited, and there's a separate branch
with fixes but no debian stuff for upstream to pick up from
(debian-yaboot) which was forked from repository's 1.3.13 (you'll see
tags to get from here to the debian-1.3.13a version, then to this most
recent debian-yaboot). The branch containing the full package stuff is
debian-yaboot-packaging (yes, nothing standard) and master is actually
the upstream (from ozlabs). And I forgot to merge the
debian-yaboot-with-doc branch which contains the HTML documentation,
please excuse me for that, it will be in the next one.

If you want to build it yourself :
git-buildpackage --git-upstream-branch=master \

Still, I may have done some mistakes, and need advices on packaging (I
tried to listen to lintian as much as possible).

Please test it and report bugs/suggestions on this ML.

Message to Aurélien: it would be nice if you could comment on this and
help getting yaboot updated. Uploading that without you would be
painfull, please answer to this email.


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