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Re: ofpath is not compatible with non-builtin disk controllers

Hi Benjamin,

First, let me apologize for the confusing non-specificity of my bug reports to you and everyone else who is following this (and related) bug(s). The only excuse I can offer is that at the time I was submitting them, I wasn't sure what was causing the symptoms I was seeing. All I knew was that I couldn't do a squeeze install or an upgrade from lenny to squeeze. And I was frustrated by the total lack of response.

That said, and trying to go forward, the question now is "Where do we stand on getting this fixed?"

Can we come up with a list of specific problems -- and a 'todo' list of release-critical things that need to be fixed for PowerPC Debian Squeeze?

In that line, we need a list of individual folks who are interested in contributing to this effort. Is this bug report (589701) a good one to encourage all these folks to subscribe to in the interest of centralized record-keeping?



On Sep 24, 2010, at 7:33 AM, Benjamin Cama wrote:

Hi Rick,

I am a bit disappointed about how this is ending, but I just realized
you are using an addon Promise card as disk controller. This is not
supported by ofpath, which just handle IDE controllers using the old ATA stack or true SCSI controllers. In short, it is hardwired for a list of
disk controllers.

Your bug is a bit different from #572869, even if he's also using a SATA (so, new ATA stack) controller, but this is the Apple provided one, and
yaboot has a special case for it (even if it seems not to work so well
for now).

I don't really know what to do about that. From what I read (#372186),
ofpathname is better for recent controllers using the new ATA stack, and
it's what grub2 is using. Still, it may lack proper handling of old
controllers, even if we can see (again) people willing to bring that
from ofpath, without much result.

Furthermore, since 2.6.34, benh wrote a new driver (macio) for newworld
Macs (I don't know if it supports /all/ machines) that is based on the
new ATA stack, so ofpath will need to support it soon (well, it's for
after squeeze at least), or we'll need to switch to ofpathname (or grub2

Anyway, thanks for your perseverance, but try to be more specific on
your problems next time ;-)


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